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Five Good Reasons to Stay Single

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Five Good Reasons to Stay Single

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:57 pm

Five Good Reasons to Stay Single

By: Philip Lop

"On the surface, being single may not seem like an ideal situation. With popular media, finance and even politics dominated by marriage and relationship issues, single people may wonder if they're the odd ones out. This can lead to pressure to avoid being single at all costs.
In fact, millions of people are single and they like it that way. Following are five good reasons to stay single.
A study published in the journal Obesity found that single people are more fit and healthy than those in relationships. You have more free time to go to the gym or train for a triathlon or other competitive event. It's also easier to follow a diet. Research findings in the Journal of Marriage and Family suggest that single women tend to stick to calorie-controlled diets, while those in relationships adapt to their partner's eating habits.
Your time is essentially your own when you're single. Outside of work and other necessary commitments, you have free time to spend on hobbies, interests and travel. You're not tethered to another person's expectations or obliged to juggle special occasions with a partner's friends and family. You can come and go as you please; you don't have to "check in" with a significant other.
Many singles enjoy the comforts of home and the freedom to decorate as they see fit. Your home is your castle. You're not required to factor in another person's taste in furniture, paint colors or room arrangements. You can tidy up when it suits you, or not at all. You can feel entirely comfortable at home because it reflects your tastes and lifestyle.
Single life can be much more exciting and spontaneous than married or partnered life. When you're single, you tend to meet new people a lot more frequently, especially if you date regularly. The freedom to get out more inevitably leads to a bigger social circle. A carefree, social lifestyle isn't restricted to young adults either. Older singles also enjoy active social lives and meet new people on a regular basis.
Life is unquestionably cheaper for singles. Disposable income is likely to be higher because you're not constantly spending money on a partner. The commitments of marriage and children inevitably change your financial status and carry a much greater level of responsibility.
Ultimately there's no shame in being on your own. Friends who are married or paired off may rebut all of these points, but it doesn't change the fact that there are benefits to a single life. Being single helps you to learn to be happy with who you are. Indeed, it's arguable that high divorce rates are symptomatic of the fact that people simply don't take enough time to get to know themselves before taking that leap."

Hope you will like this article from author Philip Lop. I am so eager to listen to your feedbacks and comments on this article. I know you also have your own reasons for staying single. I am so interested to know those reasons.

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Post by Admin on Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:35 pm

To stay single or not is always a matter of choice. No matter what pathway one chooses yet the most essential one is one's happiness in his/her choice. Regrets are common in our life. May we always think that in every choice that we take, there is always two sides of the coin for its consequence---either it is right or it is wrong. Aftermath then is that we are always ready to face the consequence of every action that we take.

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